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5 Awesome and Affordable Car Mods

The average driver doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spare for car modifications. With these five upgrades, however, you can add a little bling to your vehicle without breaking the bank.

1: Chrome

If you’ve always dreamed of living in an action movie, chrome will prepare your car for future high-speed chases through busy downtown streets. It’ll also just look cool.

2: Lift Kits

Add a little swagger to your ride with a lift kit. Some are so dramatic they aren’t even street legal, but depending on your state’s safety laws, you can still manage a few inches to make an impression.

3: LED Lights

Turn your car into a mini-monster truck with the addition of LED lights both in and outside the body. Drill shiners above your headlights; install light bars around your bumpers; find replacement headlamp bulbs for interior design.

4: Rims

Good rims are no longer the exclusive territory of rappers and pimps. Drivers from all around the world have hopped on the trend, exchanging boring, basic rims for the kind that glisten and flash in the sun.

5: Audio System

If you can’t cruise down the highway while blaring your favorite metal at ear-splitting levels, then what’s the point of car modifications at all? Upgrade your stereo to surround sound to fully appreciate life’s technological advancement.

Don’t be satisfied with the car you drove off the lot. Invest in these five mods for a sleeker, more stylish vehicle that reflects your own personality and sense of grandeur.


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