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5 Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel Saving Tips

Recently, fuel prices continue to climb as high as mountain. If you are a person who have high mobility and need to drive your car everyday, the rise of the fuel price may affect your income. In this case, the best things that you can do to solve the problems are by saving your fuel. It will be a fun way if you save the fuel without changing the way you drive remembering that you always in a rush. Here are 5 tips on how to save your fuel:

  • First, remove any excessive weight from your car. Excessive weight gives an impact on the fuel mileage. If you take out 100 pounds from your car, you may save up to 2 percent on the fuel and of course you can save the cost.
  • Second, maintain your car’s engine. As you know that engine is play an important role in your car system, maintaining it by store your car to machine shop and fix the problem such as dirty filters are the best way to save your fuel.
  • Third, limiting the use of air conditioning. It might be a bad idea if you turn off the air conditioning while you have long distance journey, but if you really want to save your fuel it is a good idea. You can keep the window up and have a cool bottle of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Fourth, avoid city traffic. City traffic may spend the fuel avoid it may be a best way to control your car from exhaustion.
  • Fifth, changed your oil car regularly, this will help you to save your money at the gas tank. You can change it once every three month after you reach 3,000 miles.


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