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6 Cool Ways to Add LED Lights to Your Car

If you’ve ever admired the flashing neon lights used in movies like The Fast and the Furious, here’s some good news: Their style can be yours when you use these six ideas for adding LED lights to your car.

1. Headlights

Many drivers wind up replacing their headlights at some point. But have you ever considered replacing them with sleek LED lights? Not only will they offer powerful illumination for safety on the road, but they can turn any car into a miniature monster truck in terms of intimidation and swag.

2. Turn Signals

Don’t leave your turn signals out of the fun. With a 3157 LED bulb or two, you can transform your standard-issue turn lights into high-impact beacons that command attention every time you use them. Never again worry about accidents due to poor visibility; never again suffer honks and curses on a busy highway. Changing lanes has never been this stylish!

3. Brake Lights

They may be an important safety feature for your car, but brake lights can be fashionable too. Just replace your regular ones with polished LED lights right off the cover of Car and Driver. You’ll enjoy the look, safety and illumination of a luxury vehicle without the accompanying price tag.

4. Light Bars

Light bars can be attached to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle for increased visibility on the road. They also look extremely awesome when colored and coordinated across the body of your car. Japanese designers have actually made an art form out of it, customizing their cars with everything from neon pink trims to rainbow lights that flash in accordance to music.

5. Fairy Lights

Ladies, this one is for you. Fairy lights can be strung around your dashboard and internal mirrors for a cute, cozy look when you’re on the road. As a bonus, their LED strength will also make it easier than ever to gauge how much gas you have or how fast you’re going.

6. Accent Lights

Accent lights come in many different varieties, including light strips, round pucks and halo rings. Whether you’re looking to decorate your grille with an electric blue or shine a red haze over your hood, accent lights are a great way to add a little flair to your vehicle.

These are just six ideas for putting LED lights on your vehicle. Pimp your ride in a way that’s safe and visually appealing when you use high-powered, high-intensity bulbs.


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