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Flying blind is never good for any truck driver. You’re unable to see people around you, which can cause more accidents and even lead to worst case scenarios. If your company has a lot of trucks and vans with severe blind spots, there are a few ways that you can drive more safely and even install some equipment to help clear up these accidents waiting to happen.

Driving with a backup camera is easily the best way to see around corners, change lanes and just be aware of what’s happening on all sides of your vehicle. For service vehicles, backup cameras are a must. They provide a view of every angle, and most have a small LCD screen that attaches to the rearview mirror. This makes it easy to see what’s going on and avoid those dangerous moments. You can find a variety of backup cameras for sale online. For example, has backup cameras for trucks. These are high resolution, crystal clear image video of what’s going on around your vehicle. You’ll be able to see on either side of and behind your vehicle, which makes it easy to avoid an accident.

There are also several types of alarms that will warn you when you get too close to another vehicle. In addition to backup cameras, you can also adjust the mirrors around your car or install a wide angle rear view mirror that shows every possible angle from the back of your car. You also shouldn’t rely on turning your head or looking over your should as much as you should side view and rear view mirrors.


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