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Average Car Insurance Rates for Teenagers

Car Insurance Rates for Teenagers

Car insurance for teenager can be shocking for any parents. It is usually higher than any car insurance for adult. There are several numbers of considerations before you plan to get car insurance for teenage kid driver.

First, you should calculate the average cost before you plan to apply for the insurance. Still there are several factors that influence the cost such as gender. Since driving statistic show that male drivers are likely have higher rate of car accident than female drivers, the male driver will get higher prices for the insurance. The other factor is related to their grade. The higher grade your teen have in their academic field, the lower price they will pay for the insurance.

To lowering the price for the insurance, you can ask your teenager to join driving classes. After they become an advance driver and they have clean ticket of accident, they will get low prices form their future insurance. Usually for poor grades driver, you should pay from $1600 to $2000 a year. Even though it may sound expensive to give car insurance for your teenager, it is important to protect them from any harm that may happen in the future. Just be sure to find a way to make it more reasonable for you.


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