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Can Am Commander Dune Rider Parts Guide

Heavy Duty Front and Rear Axles:

Heavy duty axles can be an important investment for a couple of reasons.  Like the vehicle’s clutch, the axles are subjected to much higher stress levels in dunes as the paddle tires dig into the sand and put a tremendous amount of torque on the axles.  Furthermore, if you have a lift on your Commander, there is a good chance that your axles are operating at higher angles, adding stress to both the axles and CVs that will likely lead to the axles breaking.  If you have a long travel suspension that has widened the track of your vehicle, you will need longer axles anyway, so it is best to go with heavy duty units.  If you are considering a long travel lift, it is best to decide whether or not to make the investment so that you don’t have to replace the axles again when you add the lift to your vehicle.

High Quality Roof:

An often overlooked item when first purchasing a UTV, it only takes one blazing hot summer day without one in the dunes to send you sprinting to your local shop or online to get a roof to protect you from the elements.  There are many options available for a roof, from simple fabric soft tops that strap to the roof with velcro straps, to plastic and aluminum roofs that can be had with built-in stereos, LED dome lights and even built-in LED light bars!  You can also consider an enclosure that will completely enclose the cabin with a windshield, rear windscreen and doors, although these are better suited for cold-weather riding than sand dunes.  Your budget, light and audio options and your time spent in more adverse weather will dictate the roof that is best for you, and it is important to determine prior to your purchase that the roof will work in conjunction with other aftermarket parts you may have already purchased for the vehicle like windshields and mirrors. For the best prices and fastest shipping online for all the best Can Am Commander accessories, visit


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