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Fords of Winsford, Best used car dealership in the UK

Due to high price and over the top depreciation rate on new cars, people prefer used vehicles over new ones. While new vehicles have some advantages over old ones, if you think about long term cost, used vehicles are a much better option.

Once you have decided on buying a used vehicle, comes the part when you have to decide where to buy from. The very common source is a private seller but there is a better source of buying. Go to Fords of Winsford the best supermarket for cars in United Kingdom. This is not my assumption; rather customers of this supermarket have rated this as the best in the country.

So, why customers are so satisfied with this supermarket of cars? Let’s take an in depth look.

Huge collection of stock and variety of cars

One of the many advantages of Fords of Winsford is their huge collection of cars. They have over 1500 used and nearly new cars at all time. You will find almost every brand and category of cars in there. Sports car, sedan, 4 by 4, every car is there. So, it is very likely that you will find your desired car in here.

Condition of the cars

All the cars in Fords of Winsford are heavily re-conditioned. Many of the cars are almost new and they don’t need any re-conditioning. There is not a chance for a buyer to get a faulty car.

Test drive

To be sure about the quality and condition of the car, you need to have a test drive. Fords of Winsford allows test drive of any car in their stock for their customers, all you need is a valid driving license.

Expert advice

Although Fords of Winsford doesn’t push you into looking around with a sales man to help you explore their premises or to help to find a car, they do provide experts who will help you to check the car for any visual faults.

Proper inspection of cars

Fords of Winsford usually follows a two-step inspection procedure. When a car arrives at the supermarket, engineers check for visual damage and do an overall inspection of the car. Once a car is sold, they commence another thorough check up to find out any major faults or damage before delivering the car to the customer.

Online updates and 24 hours call centre

Fords of Winsford has their own website where a potential buyer can register to check all available cars in the supermarket. Simply visit and you can register with ease. Moreover, they have a 24 hour call centre to help you with any information you need about cars.


Extended warranty, GAP and Paint protection

FOW offers products like an extended warranty, a choice of asset protection schemes (GAP) and they even have their AutoGlym Paint protection.

Financial products and financial providers

All of the staff at FOW is licensed credit brokers, which means they have a variety of financial products and financial providers for you to choose from. The most popular ones are: Hp or Hire Purchase and PCP or Personal Contract purchase.


For the best buying experience, Ford of Winsford is the ultimate destination for used vehicle buyers. This supermarket for cars can offer you the services that no other can. Further proof of their greatness is the fact that although they are located in Winsford, they have customers from many other UK cities – Manchester, Oldham, Stoke, Chester, Liverpool, WIrral, Wigan, Telford, Connah’s Quay, Warrington, Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Crewe, Burnley, Shropshire, Wrexham, Widnes, Llandudno, Stockport, etc. So, instead of wondering around about buying a used vehicle, visit this used vehicle dealership and buy your dream car.


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