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A vehicle alternator is a device that generates electricity. It charges the car’s battery when the vehicle is not in use. An alternator can cause a wealth of problems when it goes bad. Therefore, a vehicle owner may want to have the device changed every 75,000 miles for good measure. Some consumers wait until they have problems, which may cause them difficulty getting to work and traveling around town to run errands. An alternator can last up to 100,000 to 200,000 miles. It may last for a shorter amount of time if the person modifies the vehicle in any way.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

One of the most prevalent signs of a bad alternator is a vehicle’s failure to start. Some vehicle owners may blame the battery or the starter in such a situation. Many times, the alternator is the culprit. A jump may start a vehicle that has a bad alternator, but the need for jump-starts will be more frequent as time passes. Another sign of a bad alternator is dim headlights, dashboards and interior lights. Strange noises can also indicate a poor alternator. The sounds may come from electrical components that are not spinning with the force they are meant to.

Testing an Alternator

A consumer who thinks that he or she has a bad alternator can take the vehicle in for testing. Drivers with special roadside assistance plans may be able to receive assistance from those plans. Otherwise, a local mechanic can perform a voltage test on an alternator and inform the driver of his or her findings.

Getting an Alternator Changed

Changing an alternator can have varying degrees of complexity depending on the location of the device in the vehicle. For example, a consumer can replace a Chevrolet Camaro alternator on his or her own because it is located in clear view and on top of the engine. A Honda alternator may require help from a professional repair shop. The complexity of the project depends on the model and design.

A person should order original equipment manufacturer parts, or OEM parts, for repair. OEM parts are better for a vehicle because they are crafted precisely to specifications. An OEM part is likely to last many years, whereas a non-OEM part may only last a fraction of that time. A person could order Honda OEM Auto Parts from an online parts shop and use those parts for the replacement.


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