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How Does Bulletproof Glass Work?

INKAS armored SUV selection offers an unprecedented level of flexibility in automotive security. With recognized brands as well as predefined options to choose from, INKAS is able to offer a truly custom experience in its armored SUV lineup.

INKAS Armored SUV bulletproof cars have a type of glass that is specifically designed to withstand the onslaught of bullets from a wide range of fire arms. It is hard to tell bulletproof glass form regular glass at a first glance. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that bulletproof glass is slightly thicker than regular glass because there is a layer of polycarbonate thermoplastic or laminated glass sandwiched between two layers of regular glass.

The mechanism of bulletproof glass is that when a bullet is fired into a window, the energy impact is absorbed by the glass. The force of the bullet will probably crack the window, but it will prevent the bullet from penetrating through and harming the people inside the vehicle.

One way bulletproof is another type of glass which allows occupants of the vehicle to shoot out at their aggressors while stopping any bullets that are coming in their direction.



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