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How Hurricane Sandy Affects the Used Car Price

Used Car Price

As we already known currently Hurricane Sandy destructs some part of United States. The Hurricane gives bad impact to the environment and business in US. The impact of Hurricane Sandy was very devastating. It is not only damage the environment but it is also damage the cars which currently parked in the street. According to the Detroit Free Press, the destruction of the cars has led the rise of used car prices. Dealers through out the Northeast may need a source or supply from other regions, so it can cause over supply in other part of the country.

Used Car Price

Many experts also say that for the consumers who are looking for a used truck may find some difficulties because the price is rising more than the usual car. This condition has happened even before Hurricane Sandy. The expert suggest to the consumer of the used car to consider buying a used compact car to reduce the supply pressure.

By buying a used compact car, the consumer will balance the demand of the small used car so that later it can reduce the prices and it can match the production of car in the company. Hopefully, after the recovery from the disaster, the price of the used car will back to normal prices.


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