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How Much is a Muffler Repair

Muffler Repair

When you hear high level of noise which comes from your engine’s cylinder, you may assume that your muffler is broken. Muffler is a part of exhaust system which reduces noise from your car. If you are person without automotive experience, it might be hard for you to repair it yourself so you need help from machine shop. You don’t have idea on how much will it cost? Then follow this post.

Muffler Repair

There are many possibilities that can make your muffler broken, if it is cause by broken strap, you may only need to pay $20 to fix it and if your whole muffler broken, it will cost as high as $250. There are still other causes which need extra relevant fixes such as muffler damage. The damage of the muffler will cause high noise this is usually caused by clogging oxygen sensor. To repair clogging oxygen sensor you may ask to cost $250 to $400.

However, you can repair your broken muffler if it is only required for small repair. You can buy muffler repair kits which only cost $10. The tool kits will help you to repair your broken muffler without taking your car to machine shop and of course this will save your time.


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