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How Much to Replace a Bumper on a Car

Replace a Bumper

When you hurriedly to go to your office then bam, you hit something and you got rear ended. You will be extra annoyed because you find your bumper need to be replace due to its fatal broken. Since you don’t have time to bring it to the workshop you may keep drive it to your work with frustrating mind.  Here, we will give you estimation on how much will it cost to replace your bumper.

If you opt to replace your bumper with a brand new bumper, it will cost you from $800 to $1,000. You should also check for further damage. If you find more damage like damaging the grill you may ask to pay $250 more. If the damage is not that bad, you can only repaint the bumper and it will cost less.

Replace a Bumper

You only need about $100 for manual painting and you may only cost around $50 to $75 for auto painting project in workshop. If there is no structural repair, you can wait your car for painting within 3 to 4 hours. You can ask to workshop worker to modify the color if you want but of course there is amount of money you should spend.


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