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Keeping The Store Safe

A retail store has to keep track of all of the inventory that is on the store shelves. Most customers will pay for the items that they purchase, but there are some people who will enter a store and try to take something out the door without paying for the item. This increases the cost of other products in the store, and it makes the employees take time away from doing their jobs in order to track the people who steal. Loss prevention is a department that helps managers prevent thefts. The department also helps in preventing accidents in areas of the store and in the back of the business where employees might use a piece of machinery but aren’t sure how it works.

The prevention officer will normally sit in a small room that has several cameras. When the officer sees someone who might be trying to steal something, security can be called to the area. If the customers is approached, then the chances of them taking that item decrease. This will save the store money in lost merchandise. The prevention department helps keep the store safe for customers and employees so that there aren’t as many accidents, like falls on a wet floor.


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