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Key Maintenance Tips for Vehicles

If your car is broken down, you have the option of skipping the gym and spending time in your home gym with your own BowFlex. Check out the great deals on Groupon. If your car is broken down and you can’t make it to the office you have a huge problem. Don’t let it come to that. Get in control of your car maintenance. While it’s great to work out at home, missing work is not an option. Follow these tips from the car care professionals to ensure that your car stays in smooth running order.

All new cars and most used car come with an owner’s maintenance book. This guide indicates which services need to be performed at which intervals. If you don’t have a maintenance book, you can order one from the manufacturer or print out the maintenance schedule from the manufacturer’s website.

Most dealerships and independent auto service shops will place a sticker in the front driver’s side window with the due date and mileage of the next recommended service. This should serve as a reminder. Independent of regularly scheduled services, basic maintenance can be performed by every car owner. Keep an eye on your tires. They should be rotated every ten thousand miles to ensure even wear on all four tires. Generally the tire center where they were purchased will perform the rotation free of charge. Some tire centers will send out reminders.

Take care of the exterior body of the car. If you’ve parked under a tree and have sap or leaves on the car, be sure to clean them away as soon as possible. Bird droppings have acid that can be damaging to a car’s paint finish.  Either visit a car wash once a month or wash the exterior yourself. Excess dirt and debris can cause unnecessary dulling of the wax and paint finish.

Finally, maintain the interior of your car.  Some car floor boards look like trash cans. In order to preserve the leather, upholstery, carpet & vinyl, remove trash from your car on a daily basis. Vacuum the carpet and use a mild soap to clean leather, upholstery and carpet. Address spills as soon as they occur. Regular maintenance will ensure your car is ready when you are!


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