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Make Your Auto Insurance Policy More Affordable in 3 Quick Steps

Having car insurance is one of the necessary evils of adulthood, though if you have ever been in an accident you have no doubt been thankful for the coverage that your auto insurance provides. Many people, however, don’t realize that they may be paying more than necessary for their auto insurance policy. Below are three excellent tips you’ll want to execute right away in order to lower the cost of your auto insurance policy:

1. Set up automatic payments.
Save the postage stamp and yourself the inconvenience of remembering a bill due date by setting up automatic payments for your car insurance. Almost all insurance providers offer them, and many offer you a percentage-based discount if you opt in. Just make sure you have the appropriate amount of money in the bank each month, and your auto insurance payments will take care of themselves, easy-peasy. Now you’ll only need to login online to manage your policy if you want to make changes to it.

2. Ask for a “careful driver” discount.
Did you know that many car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who go a certain length of time (usually one year minimum) without any type of moving violation ticket, accident, or insurance claim? While some insurance companies do advertise this openly, many do not, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your auto insurance company if they offer this, and what the criteria is.

3. Consolidate your insurance policies.
Many insurance companies don’t just offer auto insurance – they also offer homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance, etc. Find out if it’s possible to consolidate all of your policies into one, and enjoy the subsequent savings.


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