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Moog Ball Joints

All automobiles have ball joints. These are car parts that connect a car’s upper steering arm to the steering knuckles.  It is a steel part that consists of a casing that encloses a bearing stud and a socket.  Ball joints have a tapered rod that is inserted and fits in the knuckle. Apart from steering, ball joints also reduce a car’s vibrations at the moving linkages. Due to wear and tear, hitting potholes or an accident can cause a case of misalignment. When it happens you will feel the tugging you to one side. You will also see your tires wearing unevenly. Some of the best ball joints we have in the market are Moog ball joints.

Key features

Moog ball joints are among the market leaders in this line of car parts. They have the following features:

Enhanced strength and stability brought about by the design on the metal gusher which allows grease to flow to the stud through the bearing. This feature also reduces friction.

The Moog ball joints are durable and boast an extended life. This is because the patented cover plate design promotes tighter tolerances.

The bearing surface is protected from contaminants by an exclusive cover.

They are made from engineered steel for better performance and durability

Tighter fits from the deliberate oversized housing.

Corrosion and wear are reduced when new lubricants wash through the part thanks to a special greaseable socket design.

Easy to install.

Works well even in extreme conditions.

When Moog ball joints are installed properly, they will be value for money to the buyer. The ease in installation is an advantage because fitting them need not be a complicated mechanical operation where you spend the whole afternoon getting them fixed. Moog ball joints are good for all cars today.



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