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NJ car insurance

The car rental company is probably going to try to sell you a separate insurance policy when you rent out a car. This may only cost $20 dollars a day; even this small cost can really add up when you are renting for a week or two, though. They will tell you that the insurance is worth it since it gives you comprehensive protection if anything happens on your trip. You do not really want to be held responsible for the damage to a $30,000 vehicle, do you?

Before buying this policy, though, make sure that you check with your own NJ car insurance provider. Most of the time, if you have full coverage, rental cars are already covered. Anything that you buy as an extra policy from the rental company is literally a waste of money. You are just paying them for the same thing that you buy from your standard insurance company every six months. They are tricking you into buying it twice, taking your money for protection that you never needed to get in the first place.

However, you really do need to talk to your insurance provider or look over your paperwork so that you are absolutely sure that you are covered before you turn down the policy. Do not just assume that you are, especially if you have anything less than full coverage. An incorrect assumption could turn into an incredibly costly mistake if you were involved in an accident that totaled the rental car.


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