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Pumping Out The Waste

If there were no such things as sewage pumps, whether it’s for a home or business, then there would likely be areas of cities that smell very bad. This kind of pump is essential for cleaning out septic tanks. The process of how a sewage pump works is rather simple once you understand a few of the basic concepts.

When you picture a septic tank, you might imagine a large basin that holds solid and liquid waste. The pump is located at the bottom of the basin. When the pump is turned on, contents of the basin will be removed. There is often a bulb inside the sewage basin. When the level gets to a certain point, such as what you would find in a toilet, the switch inside the basin is triggered to turn on so that the pump begins to remove the contents. When the basin is empty, then the pump turns off. This is all done automatically in most cases, but there could be some manual intervention needed. If the pump fails, then someone will need to come and pump the contents from the basin. You can often tell when the basin is full because toilets won’t flush completely or will back up, drains won’t drain water properly and a washing machine might begin to have a musty smell.

Most pumps are used in cities in order to keep lines clear since there are many people using the same septic system. A home could have a pump if it’s large and has multiple bathrooms or if there is a business on the property. There could also be a residential pump if there is a farm on the property. If a pump fails, then it will likely need to be replaced instead of simply fixed to ensure that it works like it should.


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