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Car shows are a great opportunity to show off your classic car. Almost every city holds these events that allow you to showcase your car and interact with other classic car owners. There are a few things that you can do to prepare your classic car for a car show in your area.


Car shows are about details. There will be a lot of car owners at the show. Make your car stand out by having it thoroughly detailed before your next show. This means cleaning under the hood as well. Taking it for a spin through the local car wash won’t cut it. To get the maximum shine from your car, wax it, then have it detailed at a specialty shop.


Make sure all of your car’s parts are in good working order. Make sure that the fluids are topped off and there are no loose parts. Find Sinister Diesel at and get your car ready to be best in show.


Don’t just park your car there and wait. Bring along a photo album showing the progression of the work you’ve done on your car. It also helps to have brochures about your car to serve as talking points. If you are interested in meeting other car enthusiasts, take along business cards.

Preparing for a car show is hard work. You have put a lot of energy into restoring and caring for your classic car, so having it ready for its car show debut is key.


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