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Van Beek Systems

Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001, companies like Van Beek Systems have worked to make transportation providers more aware of vulnerabilities and safety issues. No one imagines being on a plane, bus or public transit system in which the priority, getting travelers from a pickup point to a destination, is compromised. However, national and international incidents that have occurred since the tragedy have prompted more transportation agencies to take precautionary measures.

One step that many companies take to ensure operators and attendants are trained in keeping passengers safe and understand federal compliance. Most secure the services of a firm that can certify workers and document their learning. Often, workers have bought into the idea that transportation security begins and ends with security scans at airports.

While this is important because it has standardized safety measures for those who travel by flying, it does not address the other areas where travelers may be vulnerable. Public transit systems, for example, do not have this kind of advanced searching for patrons. Many have had to request increased funding from local governments in order to add policing to the surveillance cameras already in place. The people who fill policing positions must be trained in how to properly assess threats and how to engage an effective procedure when a threat arises.

It is best for transportation providers to find a training and certification program that can be customized to fit their industries. This may include face-to-face instruction or be delivered in distance learning modules. Whether they are learning how to manage transportation space or the aggressive behaviors of travelers, a formal training keeps all workers executing company and federal policy and keeps travelers safe.


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